Air Dryers and Filters

Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • Water-glycol tank is unnecessary to store cold energy, no risk of leakage.
  • Eliminating the possibility of atmospheric contamination in the air circuit in case of leakage by means of cross input system.
  • Longer operational life as compressor works less and colder with the GTS system.
  • No need to shut down the system when not in use as there is no energy consumption when the dryer is not in operation.

Co-operating with Italian MTA, one of the pionneers of the industry allow Dalgakiran and Compressor Valves & Accessories to offer the sector a wide range of compressed air dryer and air line filters. Today many industries that use advanced technology need dry compressed air.

The amount of humidity and athmospheric contamination in the air is taken into consideration when planning for compressed air needs. Planning and calculations are conducted in order not to give damage and harm to the equipment and final product.

In the compressed air dryer and filter series, Dalgakiran and Compressor Valves & Accessories offers equipments that give high performance in the extremes of environmental conditions.


The compressed air coming from the production line compressor may contain unwanted elements such as oil, dust and humidity. The air in the external environment will also affect the quality of the final product. This air must be filtered prior to the final stage of production.

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