Low Pressure Compressor

Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • Electric Motor 15 Kw - 22 Kw
  • Diesel Motor 15 Kw - 33 Kw
  • Suitable for Pneumatic Conveying industries, dry bulk blowers, truck mounted and stationary application.
  • Maximum 2.5 Bar Discharge Air Pressure.
  • Heavy Duty GG 22 Cast iron.

Carefully chosen and professionaly manufactured our longlasting equipment reflecting decades of experience is proof of Dalgakiran Compressor’s understanding of quality. With its technologically advanced components Dalgakiran compressors are designed to serve industries for many years.

A booster takes air from a compressed air main and increases the pressure for certain applications such as seal testing in pneumatic and hydraulic devices, certain actuating cylinders, presses, clamping fixtures and PET bottle production.

Usually the volume of air demanded at higher pressures of around 40 bar is relatively small so the booster is an economical means of supply and more efficient than to lift the pressure in the complete air main to this level. Dalgakiran boosters are delivered ready for use and include an air-cooled compressed air aftercooler as standard.

From large industrial operations to small workshops, Dalgakiran preferred by many companies as a brand that represents quality.

As an international brand and manufacturer of piston compressors for a wide variety of industries including general industry, textiles, marine, pneumatic conveying applications, logistics, PET bottle blowing, our aim is to offer efficient and low cost effective solutions concentrating on the needs of customers.

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