Piston Compressors

Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • Single stage: 1,1 Kw – 7,5 Kw.
  • Two Stage: 1,5 Kw – 7,5 Kw.
  • Heavy Duty Cast iron Crankcase.
  • Long Life Bearings.
  • Compact, Efficient Design.

Dalgakiran in association with Compressor Valves and Accessories aims to be a technological solution providing partner to all types of manufacturers with its high quality Piston Type Air Compressors.

From large industrial operations to small workshops, Dalgakiran preferred by many companies as a brand that represents quality.

The Dalgakiran product range meets the needs of industries by offering eight different models of single stage compressors ranging from 1.5 Hp to 25 Hp.

Dalgakiran offers two different types of low pressure piston compressors including mobile (for truck) and stationary facilities in response to the increasing popularity in using pneumatic conveying operations.

As an international brand and manufacturer of piston compressors for a wide variety of industries including general industry, textiles, marine, pneumatic conveying applications, logistics, PET bottle blowing, our aim is to offer efficient and low cost effective solutions concentrating on the needs of customers.

For further information regarding the Piston Compressors from Dalgakiran Kompresör and Compressor Valves & Accessories, please do not hesitate to enquire now!