Tidy Series Screw Compressors

Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • Tidy Screw Compressor 2,2 Kw – 37 Kw
  • Compact, Durable & Reliable.
  • Can include Dryer and Filters.
  • Effective 3-stage air / oil separation.
  • Simple design ensures maximum efficiency and trouble free operation.
  • Air Ends based on new rotor profile and lobe combination.
  • Air Intake fan creates turbo effect inside machine, which provides efficient cooling and helps air end intake capacity.
  • Special vibration pads eliminate vibration and problems it may cause.
  • Direct Drive and Belt Drive available.
  • Rigid steel base.
  • Compact machine design provides maximum working space.

The Tidy series srew compressors are a great choice for your compressed air needs.

The ever increasing usage of compressed air in industry with the effect of recent international standards, has raised user expectations on compressors. Dalgakiran Kompresör in association with Compressor Valves & Accessories are taking this need as the point of departure and always bearing customer expectations and the international standards in mind, introduces the Tidy series screw type air compressors.

The Tidy Series Srew Compressors are COMPACT.

With its 'modular system' where all the equipments can be assembled and disassembled, it is the most suitable solution with the minimum space requirements.

The Tidy Series Srew Compressors are QUIET.

Quieter ambient achieved through special inflammable padding and canopy design.

The Tidy Series Srew Compressors are DURABLE.

Long lasting trouble free operation provided by components tested at the extreme working conditions.

The Tidy Series Srew Compressors are SIMPLE.

With a simplified, easy to maintain structure and with long life components.

For further information regarding the Tidy Series Screw Compressors from Dalgakiran Kompresör and Compressor Valves & Accessories, please do not hesitate to enquire now!