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Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • A Robust Design.
  • Air All the Time.
  • Blocair BL
    Oil Lubricated Compressors.
  • Blocair BK
    Non Lubricated Compressors.

The BLOCAIR® range of industrial piston air compressors was developed in the pure tradition of the Worthington Compressors product range. Designed using top quality materials, for maximum reliability, solidity and lifecycle, BLOCAIR® compressors comply with the requirements of even the most demanding of users.

A Robust Design

To guarantee high performance technical feature and a long life cycle, BLOCAIR® compressors are designed using industrial type elements:

  • aluminium/silicate alloy compression cylinders, combining robust design and light weight, with very good heat dispersion qualities,
  • identical alloy, graphite-coated pistons: they have the same expansion properties as the cylinders, thus minimising friction and optimising lubrication,
  • cast-iron crankshaft, mounted on heavy duty ball bearings,
  • stainless steel single disk valves, with an oversized air opening,
  • over -ventilation by means of a cast-iron centrifugal turbine to ensure optimum inertia and extremely, powerful ventilation.

Air All the Time

The BLOCAIR® range has been designed to provide compressed air at just 15°C (max.) above ambient temperature*, even at full load and during continuous operation. As a result, the unit's air flow is maintained 24 hours a day at full pressure (We guarantee the performance of these machines with a test certificate).

BLOCAIR® compressors are a lasting investment. They are extremely economical and require little maintenance.

After factory inspections and tests, BLOCAIR® compressors are ready for use; all you need to do is make the necessary electrical and compressed air connections.

* between + 0°C mini and + 40°C maxi.

Blocair BL - Oil Lubricated Compressors

Range available in 2 pressures: 10 bar or 15 bar, and in 2 types: châssis or receiver mounted. BLOCAIR® BL compressors are supplied complete with an initial fill Worthington-Creyssensac ALTAIR® 3000.

Designed for minimum maintenance, oil change only required after 3000 hours or every 2 years.

Direct drive for maximum efficiency, no belts to re-tension or replace.

Blocair BK - Non Lubricated Compressors

Increased cooling efficiency and specially coated cylinders allows the use of non lubricated pistons.

BLOCAIR® BK compressors are designed for simple installation into your compressed air system.

No oil filtration system will be necessary, reducing the cost of pressure drops.

Together with a Worthington Compressor DW dryer, the BLOCAIR® BK range will ensure you to get a clean and dry air production for an optimum compressed air quality.

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