D Filters - Worthington

Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • A volt free contact is also available as an option to indicate that maintenance is required.
  • Safety device that indicates presence of pressure during filter element exchange.
  • Model is identified and cartridge itemized.
  • Cast aluminium anti corrosion filter body.
  • Quick cartridge exchange with integrated seals.
  • Float drain with safety manual drain device (D60-D800).

Compressed air quality is related directly to the operating conditions of your compressor. Most compressor intake filters will remove particles larger than 2μm. Particles smaller than this will pass through the filter and will mix with the residual oil and water to form a contamination which can result in corrosion within the compressed air system.

This contamination will cause downstream equipment to have an increased failure rate which will result in higher maintenance costs.

Contamination of raw material and processes (e.g. painting or pneumatic handling) can result in reduced quality of output goods and high product-spoilage.

To protect your equipment and to ensure total quality, Worthington Compressors offers a complete range of compressed air filtration equipment. Using our specialist knowledge, we can ensure that you receive the most comprehensive solution to guarantee that you get superior air quality for the minimum operating cost.

D filters can treat both solid and liquid contamination in the compressed air. Their simple design is a guarantee of constant air quality for the life time of the filter element. Optional magnetic pressure drop display, that indicates when the filter is ready for change.

Low Pressure Drop for Minimum Energy Cost

The operating cost of your filtration system rises significantly as the pressure drop across the filters increases.

An additional pressure drop of 0.1 bar will increase the energy consumption by 0.7%. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping this pressure drop low. Delay in changing filter elements can result in high pressure drop and significantly increased energy costs. Note that maintenance is not only related to running hours; parameters such as compressed air temperature, air demand etc. have an impact on the filter element lifespan.

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