DW 2 - 420 Refrigeration Air Dryers

Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • Digital dew point display.
  • Remote start/stop contact.
  • Remote free contacts for a: General alarm and a Drain alarm only for DW144 up to DW420.
  • Compact Installation.
  • Environmentally Friendly.

For many companies in today's competitive global market, the treatment of compressed air is not an option, but a necessity to reduce operating costs and increase production efficiency.

Being an efficient and simple technology, refrigeration dryers represent the preferred solution for the majority of these applications.

The Worthington Compressors DW dryers have been developed to supply dry compressed air for your production process, with a minimum power requirement and low pressure drop for optimum efficiency.

Compressed Air Water Contamination

Atmospheric air contains water in vapour form in different volumes according to the ambient conditions. Under compression, this water is drawn in along with the air. After compression, the air and water are then discharged to the distribution system, with some of the water content normally being removed by a compressed air after-cooler and then discharged.

However, a large proportion of the water vapour content remains in the compressed air, moving in the pipe distribution system as the air is consumed.

Compressed air may undergo further cooling in the piping, as a result of the ambient temperature and/or due to expansion, resulting in liquid water lying in the pipe distribution system, receivers and pneumatic equipment.

As time passes, the condensate can cause serious damage to pipes and applications, resulting in production downtime and higher maintenance costs. During processes, where compressed air comes into contact with the final product, it can even damage the product itself.

DW Refrigerant dryers are machines designed for treating compressed air. By using the refrigerant characteristics of certain fluids, these dryers lower the temperature of the compressed air, causing water vapour to condense and discharge prior to it entering any distribution system.

Water Contamination Risks:

Corrosion in the network:

Increasing pressure drop due to the deterioration of the air network with increasing pipe scale and rust. Damage to joints will cause air leaks, significantly increasing the cost of air production.

Malfunction of the pneumatic equipment:

Malfunction of equipment and instrumentation, reduction of component life, increase in production losses and manufacturing costs.

Product contamination:

The efficiency of the production process can reduce product spoilage caused by product contamination: fitting moisture separators improves air quality. During spray painting, condensate causes imperfections on the finished product creating future corrosion areas. In pharmaceutical and electronic applications, condensate product contamination can be harmful and/or extremely expensive.

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