Rollair 220 - Worthington

Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • Modern design for efficiency.
  • Quality Filtration.
  • High Efficiency Compression.
  • Superior Drive Efficiency.
  • Accurate Pressure Management.
  • Safe and Solid Air & Oil Connections.
  • Regulated Ventilation for Energy Savings and Efficiency.
  • Large Cooling Capacity.
  • Low Maintenance and Maximum Accessibility.

Modern design for efficiency

By utilising over 30 years of design, manufacturing and customer experience it has been possible to produce a product to operate in heavy duty industrial applications.

The ROLLAIR® 150-220 has an optimum cooling balance to reduce stress on internal components which increases operating reliability and reduces maintenance downtime and costs.

The motor and compressor air intake are mounted behind the air inlet and EC turbines in a cool zone. This improves compression efficiency and reduces power consumption in the motor.

All Worthington Compressor machines are designed using the latest advanced Computer Aided Design software toensure high quality products at all times.

Final assembly takes place in a modern factory with state of the art assembly methods. At the end of each assembly line, the compressors’efficiency is measured in a test cell to ensure each machine complies with our design criteria and exacting standards.

Quality Filtration

The air inlet filter of a compressor may be simple, but its quality and durability are essential for efficient performance. The 2-micron pleated filter fitted to all Worthington Compressors are designed to give maximum protection for the air/oil circuit while maintaining sufficient surface area for unobstructed airflow.

The encapsulated air filter offers several benefits with a pre cyclonic action to capture large dust particles, before the air passes through the high filtration media.

Air is drawn into the filter located in a cool zone within the compressor to ensure maximum compression and cooling efficiency. In the event of clogging, a safety device ensures that the compressor is stopped and any mechanical damage prevented.

High Efficiency Compression

The oil flooded asymmetrical screw type element used in our compressors has proven its reliability in many and varied installations and is produced within stringent tolerances.

Utilisation of the IP 55, EFF1 motor ensures high energy efficiency in line with our environmental responsibilities. The drive assembly between electric motor and air end further enhances efficiency and reliability compared to belt driven systems.

Superior Drive Efficiency

Gears combined with the SUREFLEX coupling provide superior drive efficiency compared to belt drive systems. The gears used on the ROLLAIR compressors require no maintenance and no periodic change.

A bell housing is fitted to guarantee perfect alignment between the motor and the air-end element: this combined with the SUREFLEX coupling reduces vibrations and extends the life of the compression element.

Accurate Pressure Management

The pressure regulation is controlled at the outlet of the compressor package, ensuring the outlet pressure is in line with the working pressure required.

The highly accurate pressure transducer combined with the AIRLOGIC precise pressure band control allows the compressor to work within a minimum pressure band resulting in significant energy savings.

Safe and Solid Air & Oil Connections

FLEXMASTER and VICTAULIC pipe couplings are specially designed to combine all the benefits of both rigid and flexible pipes.

Solid metal pipes have all the advantages of increased durability for reduced maintenance costs, and the elastic pipe couplings allows expansion and contraction resulting in fewer air and oil leaks for increased reliability.

Regulated Ventilation for Energy Savings and Efficiency

The cooling efficiency of a compressor is of vital importance to ensure long term reliability and operating efficiency. The ROLLAIR 150-220 compressors have been specially designed with one or two EC turbines (with Electronic Commutation motor) for efficient control of the compressor cooling; rotational speed of the turbine is controlled off the oil temperature, resulting in many benefits:

  • Low Noise level and specific energy requirements, compared to units designed with a traditional fan or turbine.
  • Increased lifetime of the EC turbine due to low stress on the bearings.
  • Oil flow simplification, as the thermostatic valve is removed: oil temperature has increased stability, thus avoiding any risk of thermal shock in the coolers during regulation.
  • Optimised maintenance costs.

Large Cooling Capacity

High efficiency aluminum type cooler blocks are designed with a large surface area reducing the air and oil fluid temperature to the minimum for maximum cooling efficiency.

Easy access for cleaning the coolers is possible thanks to the access panels located on each side of the cooler housing.

Low Maintenance and Maximum Accessibility

Large access panels with removable supports ensure quick and easy access to all internal components for preventive maintenance and easy cleaning.

The air/oil separator housing is designed to allow quick and easy access to the separator cartridge, reducing downtime to a minimum.

The ROLLAIR 150-220 compressors are equipped with a follow up maintenance system which calculates the remaining running hours to the next scheduled service. This can be accessed via the AIRLOGIC menu.

This system of maintenance management allows greater flexibility when scheduling service intervals and avoiding downtime at crucial periods.

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