Rollair 75 - Worthington

Dalgakiran Kompresör - Low Pressure Compressor
  • Compact design and easy service.
  • Low noise level.
  • Energy savings.
  • High filteration quality.
  • Optimum air flow.
  • Direct coupling - Improved efficiency and limited maintenance.
  • Direct expansion dryer for constant air quality.
  • Simplify your air production with maximum efficiency.
  • Large cooling effect.

Compact design and easy service

In a footprint less than 1.6 m2, we combine all the elements of a state of the art air compressor:

  • High efficiency oil injected screw design.
  • Latest inverter drive technology (option).
  • Fully integrated refrigerant dryer (option).

With regular maintenance, a screw compressor can often give more than 10 years serviceability. Component accessibility, durability and quality are a guarantee of a shorter payback on your ROLLAIR® investment.

Low Noise level

High quality components and soundproofing materials are utilised to reduce noise level to an absolute minimum, a major concern in today's industry.

Air Quality

All Rollair 40-75 (V)T compressors are equipped with an integrated fridge dryer and water separator. These models offer within the same footprint as a standard Rollair, protection of your downstream equipment against corrosion and contamination caused by water contained in compressed air.

Energy Savings

All standard Rollair units are equipped with the state of the art Airlogic controller, giving optimised management of the pressure requirement and subsequent energy savings. For fluctuating air demands, our variable speed compressor, the Rollair 40 - 75 V is available and can offer further energy savings (up to 30%) against a standard fixed speed unit.

High Filtration quality

The air inlet is located at high level to prevent any possible ingress of larger dust particles. Air inlet baffles lower the air entry speed and significant reduce the entry of dust particles. The ROLLAIR® uses a two stage encapsulated filtration system. The first is cyclonic separation to remove the larger particles. The air then passes through a second stage 2μ high efficiency filter media to ensure that only clean air enters the compression process.

Optimum air flow

The vertically mounting of a turbine cooling fan in the ROLLAIR® 40-75 range offers many benefits compared to a traditional axial fan:

  • Low rotational speed insures efficient, reliable and quiet cooling.
  • Mounting the fan above the primary source of heat, the drive motor, ensures optimum cooling even for a ROLLAIR® V running at low frequency.
  • Combined with the pyramidal air inlet baffle, it is possible to fit the ROLLAIR® against a wall to further enhance noise reduction, maximise the utilisation of space and inhibit dust into the air intake.

Direct coupling: Improved efficiency and limited maintenance

Compression elements are manufactured according to stringent geometrical clearances and close tolerances giving high efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

IP55 motor
Complies with EFF1 standards. Robustness, protection against atmospheric pollution and efficient cooling are the main features that give the motor high efficiency and extended life expectancy.

Direct transmission
The direct drive set up contributes to lower energy requirements: none of the losses or regular checks associated with belt transmissions is required. The housing ensures a perfect alignment, whilst a flexible coupling avoids stress on the motor.

Direct expansion dryer for constant air quality

  • Sized according to the full compressor capacity for constant dry air.
  • Ensures accurate dew point control.
  • Pre-cooling delay can be programmed to eliminate condensate from first start up.
  • Independent dryer cooling for maximum efficiency.
  • Minimum pressure drop.
  • By-pass system to ensure constant air delivery.

Simplify your air production with maximum efficiency

Reduction of space requirements
Reduced by 66% (Both dryer and inverter are incorporated in the same canopy)

Multiple installation possibilities
Suitable for installation in any workplace due to its remarkably low noise level.

Elimination of air leakage risks
Factory assembly and limited pipe works reduces air leakage.

Increased air quality
Precise pressure control at the outlet.

Large cooling efficiency

High efficiency aluminium cooler blocks reduce air temperature to less than 10°C above ambient ensuring minimum oil temperature. The coolers are horizontally mounted in the roof of the compressor for optimal thermal efficiency and easy access for cleaning.

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