Worthington Compressors

Robustness & Reliability

The modern Rollair compressor is the result of more than 30 years of continuous products development. Our design and manufacturing policy is to produce Quality Products combining reliability, low maintenance and energy efficiency.

Our aim is simple: to produce a compressor that set the standard for the compressed air industry.

Good design = high efficiency

Quality products start with good design.

At Compressor Valves & Accessories we use the latest computer aided design and testing techniques to provide the concept of our new products before the manufacturing process starts.

Each component is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the total package performance is maintained with maximum reliability throughout its operational life.

At each stage of the manufacturing process components are tested to ensure quality and tolerances are within the design specification.

Build quality = low maintenance

The Rollair compressor is supplied in an epoxy coated steel enclosure, which while aesthetically pleasing incorporates many practical design features to make the installation and maintenance of the package as simple as possible.

The vibration damped frame incorporates slots for a fork lift truck to allow easy movement of the compressor and large panels to improve maintenance access.

The excellent sound attenuation within the package result in low noise levels, enabling the package to be installed in a production area, increasing the number of installation opportunities.

Product Range - Worthington Compressors

Rollair 75

Worthington Compressor - Rollair 75
  • Compact design and easy service.
  • Low noise level.
  • Energy savings.
  • High filteration quality.
  • Optimum air flow.
  • Direct coupling - Improved efficiency and limited maintenance.
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Rollair 220

Worthington Compressor - Rollair 220
  • Modern design for efficiency.
  • Quality Filtration.
  • High Efficiency Compression.
  • Superior Drive Efficiency.
  • Accurate Pressure Management.
  • Safe and Solid Air & Oil Connections.
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DB Adsorption Dryers

Worthington Compressor - DB Adsorption Dryers
  • Oil and Dust Filtration.
  • Water Separation.
  • Condensate Treatment.
  • Moisture Free Air.
  • Simple machines with more reliable components and a cleaner layout.
  • Compact Installation.
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DW Refrigeration Air Dryers

Worthington Compressor - DW 2 - 420 Refrigeration Air Dryers
  • Digital dew point display.
  • Remote start/stop contact.
  • Remote free contacts for a: General alarm and a Drain alarm only for DW144 up to DW420.
  • Compact Installation.
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D Filters

Worthington Compressor - D Filters
  • A volt free contact is also available as an option to indicate that maintenance is required.
  • Safety device that indicates presence of pressure during filter element exchange.
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Blocair 20 - 150

Worthington Compressor - Blocair 20 - 150
  • A Robust Design.
  • Air All the Time.
  • Blocair BL
    Oil Lubricated Compressors.
  • Blocair BK
    Non Lubricated Compressors.
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