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DALGAKIRAN Compressed-Air Equipment: Proudly brought to you by Compressor Valves & Accessories

DALGAKIRAN Compressed-Air Equipment : Proudly brought to you by Compressor Valves & Accessories :

Growing rapidly since its establishment, Dalgakıran Kompresör was founded in Istanbul in 1965.   As the largest manufacturer of industrial compressors in Turkey, the company today exports its products and solutions to 130 countries around the globe and has the broadest scale and production capacity in the geographical areas between Germany and India, operating with their own firms in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Germany and Romania. In early 2005, Hertz Kompressoren became a part of the Dalgakıran Group.

With innovation and technology in heart, Dalgakıran established the very first R&D Center in the compressor business in Turkey, aiming to better understand the requirements of its success partners and tailor solutions according to their needs.

As a global leading air compressor producer, Dalgakıran develops truly international compressed air systems, sales & service networks worldwide. Dalgakıran is always striving to create and produce products of the highest quality at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. Dalgakıran Group offers creative, sophisticated and unique solutions to our clients for their demanding challenges and applications.

In early 2020, Dalgakıran Group moved it’s production facilities to the new integrated & smart factory built on 50.000m2 area to answer growing demand.

Dalgakıran Group is specialized in compressed air machinery and equipment, aiming to provide sustainable profitability and sustainability for any business line. Having one of the largest product lines in the market, Dalgakıran Group’s offers :

  • Oil Injected & Oil-Free Screw Compressors – Fixed Speed and Variable Speed
  • Oil Injected & Oil-Free Reciprocating Compressors – LP and HP up to 45Bar
  • Scroll Compressors
  • Oil-free Turbo Compressors – IHI Dalgakiran Group
  • Downstream Equipment – Refrigerant and Desiccant Air Dryers, Inline Filters and Water Traps, Activated Carbon Towers, Oil Water Separators, Mist Eliminators, Air Receivers, Nitrogen Generators, Condensate Removal, etc.
  • OEM – Smart Parts

Compressor Valves & Accessories (CVA) is the Sole Supplier and Authorized Distributor & Aftersales representative of Dalgakıran Group products in Southern-Africa, since 2009.

We carry stock of all required after sales and maintenance OEM parts, including but not limited to :

  • TamRotor and RotorComp Air-Ends
  • WEG, Leroy Somer and EBM-Papst Electrical Main and Fan motors
  • ABB, Bell-Moeller, Scheider, Torq, Siemens Switchgear
  • Danfoss and Emerson Variable Speed Drives
  • VMC Intake Valves, Minnimum Presure Valves / MPV / Mono Blocks
  • Aluminium Radiator type Air- and Oil Coolers
  • Logika range of PLC Controllers

No matter your requirements : a once off Purchase, Service, Routine maintenance or a full Turn-Key Dalgakiran Air Package, be sure to contact Compressor Valves & Accessories for all your Dalgakiran Compressed Air Products requirements in the following sectors : Mining – Underground & Opencast, Industrial, Procesing plants, Food Industry, Manufacturing, Metal Industry, Foundries, PET and Plastic Blow-Moulding, Engineering, Metallurgy, Scientific, Water and Waste Treatment, Electricity, Power Station, Marine, Automotive, Agricultural, Natural Gases, Medical, Healthcare etc.


Should I buy or hire a compressor?

Whether you buy or hire an air compressor unit is entirely up to your needs and abilities. Compressor equipment can be a little expensive for start-ups or for those applications that only need them temporarily, and in such cases, hiring is generally a better option.

However, if you use them frequently for a multitude of applications, you will find the long-term cost of hiring to be quite a bit more than buying one for your needs.

Can I use a compressor with a generator?

While it is technically possible to do so, we wouldn’t generally recommend it. The reason for this is that generators typically suffer from power fluctuations which can have a negative impact on the compressor, since they need a constant supply of voltage to run like they should.

You will not only find dips in performance and efficiency when doing so, but can actually damage the condition of the compressor itself if you do it too frequently.

Rather opt for a stable power supply if one is available.

Are air compressors safe to use?

If used correctly, and with the right protective equipment, compressor units are generally perfectly safe to use. The presence of extreme pressures does make them dangerous when misused however, with accidents potentially causing severe injuries, or even death.

So be sure to use them only as intended, and with the correct PPE in place.

However, if you use them frequently for a multitude of applications, you will find the long-term cost of hiring to be quite a bit more than buying one for your needs.

Is there anything I should know for the first start?

You shouldn’t need to take any special action at first start (like breaking the motor in or leaving it powered), but it is wise to do a preliminary inspection of the compressor unit when you first run it. During this inspection, be sure to look out for any leakages or malfunctions and have them dealt with immediately if they are present.

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